The Brotherhood of Bacon might be a secret society. It might be a porcine-obsessed Gallic cult. It may be a philosophical school of thought, or a higher state of being. but most likely it’s just a group of old friends that celebrate their shared passion for food, drink and kitchen life.


IMG_0214Shawn is the Mad Prophet of Pork and editor of The Brotherhood. He is a professional chef living on Vancouver Island. He somehow finds time outside of work for gardening, mountain biking, meditating, drinking beer, reading comics and writing about food. His various recipes and reflections can be found at www.eatdrinkbreathe.com





Nick Bio PicNick is El Baconismo Supreme and a contributing writer for The Brotherhood. What can be said about Nicholas McWilliam, Philanthropist? No. Stupidity irks him too much for that title. Renaissance Man? That’s closer, he’s skilled in certain weaponry of the time period, but that’s not what they mean by that term. Arrogant know-it-all? Bingo!

In his own words: “Most of my food experience comes from my time spent in Vancouver working at certain award winning smoke houses. And from watching Good Eats with Alton Brown (The man is a genius.) You could call me a food scientist, both because I have a lab coat, and because I experiment in the kitchen, sometimes the result is good, sometimes it’s not great, but it’s always interesting. So, sit back, and let me fill your mind stomachs with thought bacon.”


Jess Bio Pic

Jess sometimes goes by Gage O’Brian when he’s feeling legendary. He is the Baron of Butchery and a contributing writer for The Brotherhood. He’s a professional cook living in Burnaby, BC who loves learning everything he can about the world of food and cooking. When pressed for culinary wisdom he answered thusly:

  1. A pig is one of the most magical and useful pieces of foodery in the food world.
  2. A well crafted cocktail is a thing of fleeting beauty and should be treated like a rare tropical flower, and should be drank by the bouquet when necessary.
  3. Raw celery is one of the worst things on the planet. Please don’t use the argument that it can be saved by making ants on a log, do not degrade your peanut butter or raisins like that, they deserve better.


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